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Best PSD to HTML services articlesSeptember is a great time to remember the previous months as well as posts written during them. The summer vacations are over, and businesses are planning new achievements. Many of the new business goals are related to the web development or website redesign and include PSD to HTML conversion tasks. Hope this digest of the best articles written by HTMLcut’s staff will be helpful to you.

Professional PSD to HTML Conversion Services

1). How to Get the Most Out of PSD-to-HTML/CSS Slicing Services
In order to make the most of PSD-to-HTML services and avoid unnecessary troubles it is better to follow some simple rules: Properly prepare designs for uploading; Design slicing, xHTML/CSS coding requirements; Communication tips; If there are doubts – what to do; Change management; Project completion.

2). Professional PSD to HTML Conversion and Other Questions to Sergiy Lavryk
What is an ideal HTML/CSS markup? A markup of professional quality – What does it mean? Hidden fees in the PSD to HTML services – How to reveal them. How a customer of PSD to HTML services can check whether the markup quality is good. Is it important to maintain W3C validity? Are designers clueless with HTML/CSS coding?

PSD to HTML crossword3). Hand Coded PSD to HTML Conversion – Interview with Sergiy Lavryk, Part 2
Why do designers resort to PSD to HTML services? Doubts whether high quality services can be so inexpensive as it is offered by PSD to HTML companies. Hand coding: Are the markups offered by PSD to HTML companies developed manually in truth? When hand-coded markups are better. The future of the PSD to HTML conversion market.

4). What Is the Best PSD to HTML Conversion Tool? The 6 Standpoints
News from Forums. Practical Point of View. Lyrical Point of View. Comparative Point of View. Humorous Point of View. A View into the Future.

New Trends – HTML5, CCS3, PSD to HTML5

Mobile Opportunities of PSD to HTML5 CSS3 Conversion1). HTML5 – The End of PSD to HTML Services or Just the Beginning of PSD to HTML5?
HTML5: Backwards compatibility and tolerance in error handling absolutely don’t imply indulgence towards and support of an ugly HTML/CSS code. Special emphasis on semantics and document structure. How HTML5 will influence the PSD-to-HTML services. Predictions for the era of PSD to HTML5 conversion.

2). Mobile Opportunities of PSD to HTML5 CSS3 Conversion
One of the central ideas behind HTML5 is as much as possible integration of web technologies and mobile platforms. HTML5 and CSS3 features which are useful for the mobile Web. HTML5, mobile technologies, and PSD to HTML conversion services.

Freelance, Education

PSD to HTML tutorials1). PSD to HTML Tutorials – What Is Wrong With Them?
PSD to HTML tutorials and chances to be hired. Adherence to tutorials should not exclude other forms of education. Some benefits of and myths about fundamental education. Recommendations on how to improve your chances to be hired by the PSD to HTML companies.

2). PSD to HTML – Jobs for Freelancers or Companies?
Mastering new technologies. Customers’ point of view. Working in the changing world. Implications that are to some extent unexpected: there appear more and more points of mutually beneficial interaction.

CMS, PSD to WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal

PSD to WordPress Joomla1). Before Converting PSD to WordPress or Joomla – Is Your Choice of CMS Right?
Content Management Systems – Definition in brief. Choosing CMS: Step 1 – Define the requirements. Step 2: Make a short list of possible candidates. Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, Magento. PSD to WordPress and PSD to CMS conversion distinctions to take into account. Step 3: Try it out.

Web Design and SEO

1). Beyond PSD to HTML Conversion – Simple SEO for Web Designers
SEO bottlenecks of the websites developed by web designers for themselves. Ignoring the existence of search engines. Wrong examples of famous design blogs. Too high expectations or incorrect goals. Practical tips.




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