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PSD to HTML5 is a new option offered by PSD to HTML conversion companies. Posts in this category are devoted to peculiarities of PSD to HTML5 slicing, features of HTML5 and CSS3 standards, as well as new possibilities, opening up in the web design and markup coding due to HTML5 development and adoption.

Markup Coding Shifts to HTML5/CSS3 and RWD, HTMLcut Reports

XHTML still has a decent market share, but HTML5, CCS3 and responsive web design are becoming more and more in demand in PSD to HTML conversion market. Read more

#RWD – Mastering Best Practices: Round-Up of Recent Results

Now web design community is actively mastering Responsive Web Design (RWD). We collected recent results: Technique, tips, tools, experience, and examples. Read more

Hot Topics of Spring – Responsive Web Design, HTML5 and CSS3

Round-up of fresh articles on Responsive web design, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript published by leading web designers: Tips, ideas, tutorials, resources. Read more

HTML5/CSS3 Websites: To Code or Not To Code?

When is PSD to HTML5 CSS3 conversion suitable? And when is HTML5 CSS3 website coding superfluous? Read more

PSD to HTML Conversion at the Crossroads: Challenges 2011 and Outlook 2012

HTML5 adoption, rethinking of best practices, decrease in the growth rate, and price wars – this is the market of PSD to HTML conversion services today. Read more

Roundup of Web Design Trends 2011 and Predictions 2012

A roundup of New Year posts and articles on web design predictions 2012 and web development trends 2011 retweeted at @htmlcut. Read more

Cross-Browser PSD to HTML Conversion – How Compatible Should It Be With the Advent of Mobile Web?

Tips for PSD to HTML service customers on converting designs to cross-browser compatible HTML/CSS markups, as well as stat on HTML5, mobile support and browser popularity. Read more

Best of PSD to HTML Services Articles – HTMLcut Digest

Roundup of the best PSD to HTML services articles written by HTMLcut: Professional PSD to HTML conversion, How to get the most out of it, PSD to HTML5/CSS3, PSD to WordPress/Joomla and others. Read more

Mobile Opportunities of PSD to HTML5 CSS3 Conversion

HTML5 and CSS3 not only solve some issues not covered in the previous versions of HTML. Apparently some of key ideas behind HTML5 is a deep integration of Web technologies and mobile platforms. These new technologies make users ever more Web and mobile involved. PSD to HTML5 CSS3 conversion companies help to make the process more seamless. Read more

HTML5 - The End of PSD to HTML Services Or Just The Beginning of PSD to HTML5?

HTML4, XHTML, and now HTML5. How can it change the Web in whole and the PSD to HTML conversion specifically? Does HTML5 mean death of PSD to HTML providers? Or new HTML and CSS standards only intensify the importance of professional conversion services and signify the appearance of PSD to HTML5? Read more