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PSD to HTML conversion tools are intended to facilitate and hasten the process of PSD to xHTML/CSS slicing. Nonetheless, the question to what extent these tools are effective and useful as well as discussions what is better – automated PSD to HTML conversion or hand coded HTML CSS markups – don’t stop.

no[PSD to HTML] – New Trends in the Web Building

More and more people say that the PSD to HTML approach in the website building is dead. Let’s consider these new ‘no[PSD to HTML]’ trends in more detail. Read more

10 Fresh Lists for Web Designers and Developers

Collection of fresh lists from web design blogs useful for designers and developers: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP scripts, frameworks and tools. Read more

45 Fresh Tools and Code Snippets for Web Designers

A collection of fresh tools and trendy HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript code snippets that can help save time when designing a new superb website. Read more

How I Tried Free PSD to HTML Converters

Story of a newbie who tried online free PSD to HTML converters to find whether a markup generated automatically could be used for her website. Read more

What Is the Best PSD to HTML Conversion Tool? The 6 Standpoints

The best PSD to HTML conversion tools – 6 points of view: Forums, Practical, Lyrical, Comparative, Humorous, and Future. Who is right and what PSD to HTML is better? Read more

Hand coded PSD to HTML conversion - Interview with Sergiy Lavryk, Part 2

Why do web designers turn to the PSD to HTML services? Is it true that hand coding is always better? How do PSD to HTML service providers decrease overhead costs? These and other questions are accentuated in the second part of the interview with Sergiy Lavryk. Read more

How to convert PSD to HTML - The best option

The problem of choice is quite important when choosing the best option to convert *.PNG, .AI, *.PSD, etc. designs into xHTML/CSS markups. The three main alternatives - Code It Yourself, Automated tools, and PSD to HTML/CSS conversion services - are analyzed in the article. A quote: "I believe that design and beauty will save the world. When it comes to a website, everything should be well-designed: ideas behind it, structure, graphics, HTML/CSS code, content, and even promotion." Read more