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Smart Website Goals: Positions in Google or Attracting Clients?

Businesses need clients, not positions in Google. Clients are converted from visitors. How to attract more visitors and convert them effectively? Here are fresh tips. Read more

Be a Smart HTML/CSS Coder, or Die Out

Are HTML/CSS coders in danger? Will they disappear as a separate speciality soon? We are trying to find the answers in this post. Read more

To Design or Not to Design in the Browser – 20 Pros vs. 6 Cons (Updated)

Designing in the browser is still a controversial subject. We collected opinions on to design or not to design in browsers, and tips on how to do this effectively. Read more

Trends, Predictions, and Truth About Web Design 2013

Web design 2013 will be… Find the answer in this thorough collection of articles on web design trends 2013 and the best for web designers from 2012. Read more

Web Design 2013: Emphasis on Website Performance?

For web design 2013 should be a year of the website performance and conversion. The article explains why. Read more

20+ Thoughts on CSS/HTML Preprocessors and Frameworks (Updated)

Do you use CSS/HTML preprocessors? In this article you’ll find opinions (pros and cons) on CSS preprocessors and HTML frameworks in web design and front-end development. Read more

Stop “PSD to HTML” Spam

We get spammed with hundreds of PSD to HTML articles each week and 99% of the time they are all low quality garbage – Is PSD to HTML spam inevitable? Read more

PSD to HTML Conversion at the Crossroads: Challenges 2011 and Outlook 2012

HTML5 adoption, rethinking of best practices, decrease in the growth rate, and price wars – this is the market of PSD to HTML conversion services today. Read more

Is Web Design Like Bicycling or Car Driving?

Is web design, PSD to HTML conversion and web development in whole similar to bicycling or car driving? Some opinions pro et contra are presented. Read more