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The Website Redesign Checklist [Infographic]

Website redesign checklist [Infographic]There are a lot of recommendations and checklists on how to redesign or improve websites. So, why write yet another post? The answer is very simple: Drastic change. Today web design, front-end development, markup coding standards, SEO, and site promotion are changing so quickly that many recommendations become obsolete in the course of months or even weeks.

In the infographic below we’ve collected questions, many of which reflect recent trends. Of course, it’s difficult to make such a checklist absolutely exhaustive. But comments on its textual version was encouraging and positive, for example, like this one: “A sensational checklist… – it was nice to read substance” (read more). Hope you find it helpful too.

Infographic: The Checklist on Website Redesign

Infographic: The website redesign checklist

Want to embed this infographic on your website? Use the code below:


Comments (4)

  1. You can’t just take text from a screen, put some numbers next to it, compress it into a picture and call it an inforgraphic.


    • True, but it becomes too large if we illustrate all these items and questions with images. Maybe, a better word for this compilation would be ‘cheat sheet’ but sometimes it’s so handy to have such a checklist as an image.

  2. super cool infographic, thanks for sharing

  3. @James @admini – don’t bother about terminology, think about essence. I like this infographic (or cheatsheet if you prefer this word) cause it’s useful, and this is most important to me.

    Ted Jones

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