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PSD to HTML Coding Company HTMLcut: 2011 Was Very Rich in Exciting Events

PSD to HTML Coding Company HTMLcut in 2011Feasterville, PA, January 26, 2012HTMLcut, a leading PSD to HTML coding company, has summed up the results of 2011.

Sergiy Lavryk, HTMLcut’s CEO: “2011 was a really exciting year. Web design industry experienced quite a revolutionary period. Changes, which were accumulated over the past 10 years or so, at last transformed into standards and techniques that are supported by browsers and can be used in a day-to-day practice.

In 2011 the web design became drastically different right before our eyes.

  • HTML5, CSS3, responsive web design, custom web fonts, 3D animation;
  • Browser versions parade, emergence of a number of new frameworks and coding tools;
  • Attempts to reconsider the web design best practices and development process

– these all flooded web design blogs, podcasts and conferences with descriptions of coding experiments, reviews of new techniques and projects developed with their help, and sharp statements and fierce “ideological” discussions.

HTMLcut didn’t stay away from this stunning process too. As a result of mastering new technologies and standards, as well as a corresponding structural reorganization, new services and options were proposed to the customers:

  • PSD to HTML5/CSS3 conversion;
  • Compatibility with Android 2.2+, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry 6+ native browsers, as well as Opera mini and other popular mobile browsers;
  • Coding of cross-device (cross-resolution) websites on the basis of the responsive web design approach.

This supplemented and updated the main line of HTMLcut’s services, which include hand-coded and W3C valid PSD to HTML/CSS slicing, high quality PSD to WordPress and PSD to Joomla!/Drupal theming, and PSD to Email templates conversion.

But PSD to HTML coding is not only design tools, development techniques or CSS tricks. It is also a two-way win-win market, and comprehensive customer care were put front and center in 2011.

HTMLcut has been thoroughly auditing its customer support on a continuous basis, giving particular attention to the customer relationship management procedures and staff training. Technical and managerial improvements of the work of customer support department allowed shortening order processing time and making the process more transparent to and controlled by the customer.

One more novelty was the corporate blog In previous years HTMLcut’s news were published in a separate section of the main company’s website. But the blog made the process of interaction with readers much more convenient and efficient. The blog was launched as a platform for publishing articles on PSD to HTML and PSD to CMS conversion, tips for customers, trends in web design, as well as HTMLcut’s events and news.

In 2011 HTMLcut breathed new life into the corporate accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. These accounts were built following the corporate style but using their own features, and their posts didn’t duplicate each other.

Sergiy Lavryk: “2012 is promising to be even more interesting than 2011. The new web design and development technologies and standards simply take our breath away. Their wide adoption and application on a mass scale will be one of the most distinguishing features of 2012.

HTMLcut is a reputed provider of professional PSD to HTML coding services. HTMLcut offers a full range of high quality PSD to HTML/CSS coding by converting .PSD, .AI, .PNG designs into XHTML / HTML5 / CSS3 code, WordPress skins, Joomla!, Drupal, etc. themes, and templates for shopping carts. Follow HTMLcut on Twitter @htmlcut.


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