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Belgian Nature, Design and Bikes – The Amazing Photos by Veerle Pieters

Belgian nature, design and bikes - The amazing photos by Veerle PietersModern technologies make it easy to take a snapshot and share it with the world. Such photos often reflect our everyday life from an unexpected side. For me, it’s very interesting to browse photos on Instagram or follow their announcements on Twitter. There is a group of people on Twitter whose new photos I strive not to miss. But recently I’ve caught myself thinking that I’m looking forward to the next publication of some of them, namely those which are taken by Veerle Pieters (@vpieters) during riding on a bicycle.

These photos are amazing and often set the tone for my day. They are optimistic, full of peace and harmony, and thoughtful. I’ve never been to Belgium but due to Veerle’s photos I know absolutely exactly that it is a very beautiful country with creative and industrious people. In my opinion, authorities of this country should award Veerle Pieters for consistent and effective popularization of Belgium in the world.

It isn’t easy to take a good shot when riding because you haven’t a professional camera and light on board, sometimes you do not even have enough time to make it. So, intuition, sense of beauty and design skills are the main tools and assistants in this process. Veerle’s photos are characterized with a great composition in which one can trace the influence of the rule of thirds and golden ratio. A strong sense of harmony, color balance and rhythm permits Veerle Pieters to see wonderfulness of the world from unexpected angles, and conveys her vision through impressive and memorable photos.

I think that many of these photos would not appear without bikes. The bike helps to be closer to nature and better understand it (more thoughts about the role of biking in design you can find in the post Is Web Design Like Bicycling or Car Driving?“…here is no barrier between you, people and nature, and you feel the wind of changes more distinctly.”) I believe that people who regularly bicycle and/or hike are more creative and productive. What do you think about that?

Below you can find some of my favorite Veerle’s photos (see more in Veerle Pieters’ Photos board of our Pinterest account).

  • Rise and shine! Kauwestraat, Deinze
  • Nature's gradient… Schelde, Kluisbergen
  • Hiding in the wheat… Camp et Haie, Ellezelles
  • Keizerstraat, Wervik
  • Hidden gem… Stoofstraat, Brugge
  • Front of yesterday's castle… Provinciaal Domein D'Aertrycke
  • Noordbroekstraat,‎ Diksmuide
  • Wannegem-Lede
  • Franskouter, Zwalm
  • The wingless mill… Klijpestraat, Ronse
  • Le moulin du Cat Sauvage… Tombelle, Ellezelles
  • Barrage,‎ Wielsbeke
  • Something's brewing… Kraenepoel
  • Entering the muddy forest… Merkemveldweg, Zedelgem
  • Crossing the bridge - Astene Sas
  • Heurne, Oudenaarde

Photos by kind permission of Veerle Pieters.

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  2. Actually, web design is more like riding a Unicycle than either riding a bike or driving a car. It requires a careful balancing act between technologies like HTML5, WebGL, XML, JavaScript, Java, JavaFX and WebM, and UX (user experience) balancing between Internet 2.0 Platforms such as Mobile (Android, WinMo, iOS, QNX), iTV (GoogleTV, JavaTV, Roku), Tablets, Laptops and NetBooks, as well as the ability to render pixel-perfectly on all of the modern open source browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Opera and Safari. It is thus far more difficult than it looks to really do it right, and for this reason it is more like riding a Unicycle in my humble opinion. Cheers. Walls.


    • Thanks for your opinion! Sounds very interesting

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