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Belgian Nature, Design and Bikes – The Amazing Photos by Veerle Pieters

Belgian nature, design and bikes - The amazing photos by Veerle PietersModern technologies make it easy to take a snapshot and share it with the world. Such photos often reflect our everyday life from an unexpected side. For me, it’s very interesting to browse photos on Instagram or follow their announcements on Twitter. There is a group of people on Twitter whose new photos I strive not to miss. But recently I’ve caught myself thinking that I’m looking forward to the next publication of some of them, namely those which are taken by Veerle Pieters (@vpieters) during riding on a bicycle.

These photos are amazing and often set the tone for my day. Continue reading

JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and Frameworks – Fresh Articles Worth Reading

JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and Frameworks - Fresh articles worth readingIn this post we have collected some articles written by web designers and developers in the last three months. These articles and posts are selected according to the two criteria: 1) they are interesting; 2) they are related to such topics as JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX or CSS preprocessors / frameworks. Here is the result. Hope you’ll enjoy this collection.

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10% Discount on PSD to HTML Conversion for Educational Organizations from HTMLcut

10% Discount on PSD to HTML Conversion for Educational Organizations from HTMLcutFeasterville, PA, June 07, 2012HTMLcut, a professional PSD to HTML coding company, is pleased to announce a new discount on design to HTML/CSS conversion and development of WordPress or CMS based websites for educational organizations.

10% discount is offered to students and faculty of universities, colleges, and schools who need to create websites which are related to their educational organization, learning process and other educational activities and school life. Continue reading

Stop “PSD to HTML” Spam

Stop PSD to HTML spam“We get spammed with literally hundreds of ‘PSD to HTML’ and related articles each week and 99% of the time they are all low quality garbage and most are just looking for links and SEO value” – this is an excerpt from my conversation with the Editor of one of the popular news websites which features web design articles and resources.

It’s no secret that spam is ubiquitous now. Besides inconvenience and annoyance, it also forms a negative image of companies involved in the process and – what is much worse – ruins reputation of the respective industry in whole. As a result, many web design blogs and news distribution services have simply added PSD-to-HTML companies and articles with the corresponding keywords in their spam filters. Continue reading

Hot Topics of Spring – Responsive Web Design, HTML5 and CSS3

Hot Topics of Spring - Responsive Web Design, HTML5 and CSS3Responsive web design, HTML5 and CSS3 are all the rage now. New articles and posts about them appear almost every single day. It is important that new articles are not just rearrangement of words about one and the same things. There are a lot of really useful and inspiring materials: techniques, tools, experiments, tips, as well as ideas and opinions. Some of them which have been published this spring are collected in the post. Continue reading

WordPress Spam Protection for Beginners

WordPress Spam Protection for BeginnersThe design has been created, the respective PSD has been converted into HTML/CSS code of the WordPress based website, and your hosting company has installed it on their servers. Now you can share your thoughts and information about you or your company with the world. Everything is great and exciting, excepting one thing – spam in comments. How to administer it? Continue reading

3 Questions to Web Design Pros: Resources for Mastering HTML/CSS Coding

Resources for mastering PSD to HTML/CSS coding recommended by prosThere are a lot of collections of HTML/CSS resources and PSD to HTML conversion tutorials on the Internet, but sometimes they just express the personal opinion of the author or are composed on the basis of hazy criteria. In this post we have interviewed web designers who are known in the web community and whose recommendations can be helpful to both beginners and experienced web designers when they master HTML/CSS coding. Continue reading

HTML5/CSS3 Websites: To Code or Not To Code?

When is PSD to HTML5 CSS3 conversion suitable?You have decided to develop a new website or redesign an existing one. Today such a decision is accompanied with a new question though: To use or not to use HTML5/CSS3 when converting your PSD design into the markup?

When It Makes Sense to Develop a Website in HTML5/CSS3

At the moment the development of HTML5 and CSS3 is still in progress, and not all of their features are supported by browsers (both desktop and mobile ones). Nevertheless, HTML5 and CSS3 offer a lot of stunning possibilities which are difficult to resist. Continue reading

207 Articles on Effective Web Design – Winter 2011-2012

Effective Web Design - Winter 2011-2012This is the next seasonal round-up of web design articles and posts written by the design community and retweeted on @htmlcut during the winter 2011-2012.

This time among the most interesting sections are “Usability and User Experience”, “Forms”, “E-Commerce”, “Mobile Websites and Responsive Web Design”, “Trends” and “Opinions”. Frankly, all sections are instructive and informative and include lots of useful examples, guides and tips, so we strongly recommend to look through all of them.

We’ll be glad if this round-up is helpful to you :). Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day! Get Your Special PSD to HTML Gift

Get our special Valentines PSD to HTML giftAs busy as we get, sometimes we need to be reminded that we are still able to love. Valentine’s Day is a good day for us to stop and realize how wonderful we make each other feel.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all HTMLcut team!

At HTMLcut we wish all of you Love, Inspiration, Success and offer a small gift: 10% discount on PSD to HTML and PSD to WordPress/Joomla! conversion services. Just insert the code VALD12 in your order and get it! Continue reading