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59 Web Design Resources Tweeted at @htmlcut

59 Web Design Resources Tweeted at htmlcutThis is a collection of some of web design and development related articles, blog posts and resources recently tweeted at @htmlcut. The section “Opinions on Web Design and Designers” is really controversial this time. Hope you’ll find this interesting.

Effective Web Design

1). Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make
by Grace Smith

2). 50 Effective and Creative Call to Action Buttons
by Aquil Akhter

3). Visual Direction in Web Design
by Ahmed Hussam

4). 12 of the Best About Us Pages on the Internet

5). Analyzing Groupon’s Design: Why So Many Buy In
by Connor Turnbull

6). Designing for Different Age Groups
by Alexander Dawson

7). 11 Mistakes Customers Make When Getting a Logo
by Alex

8). Building a Great Web Design Portfolio – 10 Best Tips & 40 Examples
by Oleg Mokhov


1). 10 Quick Usability Testing Tips
by Jacob Creech

2). Usability: How to write for the Web
by panna


1). 270+ HTML5 Tutorials and a Round-Up of Round-Ups
by Dathan

2). Periodic Table of the Elements (HTML5)
by Josh Duck

3). Cheat Sheets Collection

4). Beginner’s Guide to CSS3
by Sivakumar

5). HTML5 and CSS3: Wireframing in the final product

6). How to Create CSS3 Speech Bubbles Without Images
by Craig Buckler

7). Custom Scrollbars in WebKit

8). Creating A Rocking CSS3 Search Field
by Bharani M

9). 5 Cool CSS Hover Effects You Can Copy and Paste
by Joshua Johnson


1). 25 Highly Useful jQuery Cheat Sheets For Web Developers
by Arvind

2). jQuery snippet to Ajaxify your Website
by Teylor Feliz

Web Development Tools

1). The HTML5 browser test – How well does your browser support HTML5?

2). CSS3 Generator

3). Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

4). 11 Functional Online Background Generator Tools
by Joan Mae Maguale

5). 50 Free High-Quality Web UI, Mobile UI, Wireframe Kits Resources
by Cao

6). 20 Super Useful Web Apps That Can Ease Your Work
by Bogdan

7). 16 Helpful Online Presentation Tools
by Joan Mae Maguale

CMS: WordPress, Magento and others

1). Comparison of 12 WordPress Theme Frameworks
by Pippin

2). 34 Best WordPress Plugins Giving You An Unfair Advantage
by Dustin Betonio

3). 20 Magento Themes with Extra jQuery Features
Template Monster Blog

4). 10 HTML5-Ready Blank, Bare-Bones and Naked Themes for WordPress


1). 10 Useful Firefox Add-ons For Mobile Users

Mobile design

1). 50 Astonishing Abstract iPhone Wallpapers

SEO & Web Design Sites

1). How Shady Web Design Sites Get High Search Engine Results
by Mathew Carpenter

Inpiration and Creativity

1). 52 Fresh and Really Creative Resume Designs from 2011

2). 45 Unique And Creative Blog Header Design
by aditia rahman

3). Showcase of Creative & Artistic infographics
by lava360

4). 15 Examples Of Fresh One Page Website Design
by Vikas

5). 30 Outstanding Designs of Red Websites
by Quyen Tuong

6). 60 Very Well-Designed Websites with Huge Typography

Web Designer Education

1). What Makes a Good Designer

2). Learning Web Design: 82 Resources to Get You Started
by Joel Falconer

3). How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education
by Courtney Boyd Myers

4). Why programmers should study the art of programming
by Chip Camden

Web Design Resources

1). 10 Best Websites For Graphic Designers
by Vikas

2). Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – 100+ Links of Design Elements and Resources
by Rochester Oliveira

Productivity, Freelance

1). The web designer’s guide to a happier life

2). Make Time Your Best Friend – 20 Time Management Tips for Freelance Designers
by Adriana

3). Freelancer’s errors: a few tips to work better

Technologies & Trends

1). Beyond the browser: Microsoft’s ‘C3′ next-gen platform for HTML-based applications

2). The Future Of CSS: Experimental CSS Properties
by Christian Krammer

3). Mobile Web Design Trends for 2011

4). Web design trends: Breaking it down makes access easier
by Shane Rhyne

Controversial Opinions on Web Design and Designers

1). 5 Reasons Your Work Isn’t Worth What You Think
by Jeff Haden: “Web design, for example, is now in large part a commodity.”

2). Robert Vamosi: Gadgets degrade our common sense

3). 10 Tech Skills that Are Heading the Way of the Dinosaur
Slide 9: “Web Developer – The decline in the Web developer skill set is due primarily to the rise of Web design programs. The skills of the Web developer will be in less demand, but that does not mean their imminent demise in 2011.”

4). Top 3 Time Wasters for Developers and Designers
Time Waster #1 – Freelancer, oDesk, aka, Outsourcing”

5). 10 curses of the analytical thinker
by Alan Norton: “Information addict, Vacillatory, Indecisive, Insensitive, Habitual, Socially inept, Skeptical, Poor marketers, Politically incorrect, Loners.”


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