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PSD-to-HTML Conversion Services - A New Fad or a New Market Need?

"Which of the PSD-to-HTML providers do you work with?" 5 years ago this question had no sense because... there were no such companies. But now markup coding services are sought-after and growing fast. Is it just a new fad or a real market need?

The idea of these services is quite simple. Using Adobe Photoshop or other software packages, graphic and web designers create digital images -- files with *.PSD, etc extensions. To convert them into a webpage template or WordPress theme, you need to develop HTML code. Markup coding companies are those who provide such a transformation.

But the emergence of PSD-to-HTML services is not accidental.

A while ago we all celebrated the 20-th anniversary of the Web. Media actively discussed achievements and outlook of the Internet. The appearance of design-to-HTML coding as a separate service also illustrates that the Web is becoming more mature. Really, specialization of labor and tendency to standards compliance are features of established industries only.

The own niche in the web development process

Each of the web development jobs -- design, HTML/CSS coding, and back end programming in PHP, Java, etc -- plays its own important role and requires its own specific skills and aptitude.

I like the analogy with music creation: composers (in case of Web -- designers) express their ideas in images. Then the music (websites) is written down by means of musical notation (HTML and CSS), arranged for different types of orchestras (browsers), and complied with recommendations of musicians' associations (WWW Consortium) and music critics (search engines). Of course, quality instruments, sound equipment, and stage effects are a must (databases, chats, widgets, etc).

If each job is done properly, the website may get its "Grammy Award", i.e. a lot of traffic and place #1 in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Web standards, compatibility, and accessibility

PSD-to-HTML providers' advertisements often say that a resulting markup will be "cross-browser compatible, W3C valid, SEO semantic, and hand-coded." Why is it emphasized?

1. Cross-browser compatibility

Users are free in their choice which of the PC or mobile devices, operating systems or browsers to utilize. Browser producers are also free in which way to treat a webpage. To ensure correct website appearance in different environments and make it accessible to wider audience, browser-specific code is added to a website markup.

2. W3C compliance

W3C is World Wide Web Consortium which develops and approves the main Web guidelines, specifications, and tools, including HTML and CSS. When a site meets W3C standards, it is like a Web Quality Certificate. As a first step in evaluating website validity, you can use W3C sites and

3. Semantic coding

HTML and CSS allow getting the same webpage appearance in different ways. Semantic coding implies that you mark up your website taking into account content meaning and HTML tag semantics: e.g., main headlines -- with the help of h1 tag ("heading1") and so forth. Typically a semantic-coded site is more search engine friendly; search engines "understand" it better and rank it higher.

The role of semantic coding has been increasingly growing. Experts state that the coming Web will be completely semantic and provide more correct retrieving and processing data both by computers and human beings.

4. Hand- or automatically coded markup?

In many cases handcrafted HTML/CSS markups are better than those produced by specialized software. One of the reasons is a lot of semantic niceties which are difficult to code automatically. It is like software packages for design or programming -- they help very much and quicken the process essentially but they don't substitute designers or programmers completely.

What is the difference between PSD-to-HTML and PSD-to-XHTML services?

XHTML (eXtensible HTML) is the successor and modern extension of HTML and is recommended by W3C as a main markup language for today's Web. XHTML/CSS makes a webpage markup more compact and flexible, table-less, and with clear content and design separation.

But there is a sound marketing/SEO aspect too: "PSD to HTML" and "PSD to XHTML" are often used as synonyms in providers' marketing materials. In fact, slicing companies usually offer a wide range of services, including conversion of designs into HTML/CSS/JS code, WordPress themes or templates for content management systems (CMS), and so forth.

The competition forces providers to develop HTML/CSS code in line with the latest web trends. PSD-to-HTML services help to make web development faster and easier, allowing designers and back-end programmers to concentrate on their specific tasks. Who benefit from that? I think all the Web community.

March 27, 2009

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Natalia Savchenko photo Natalia Savchenko is a proficient web designer and the CEO of, the leading PSD to HTML conversion provider.

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"I would like to say that I was particularly happy to work with you, and very positively surprised by the quality of your work and your reactivity. I will for sure work with you again in the future, and advice my contacts/network to work with you. Olivier, France

Olivier Caussin

Excellent, thank you very much for the speedy service. Much appreciated.


It's my third order this month - two psd to xhtml/css conversions and now a WP theme. I'm definitely impressed. You guys rock!

Doug Green, USA

I think the work was excellent and we will be using you again for future projects. Thank you for rushing the project and working with our crazy deadline.

Benjamin Wilson

You offer a great service – saved me a fair bit of time not having to do the HTML cutting myself. I plan to use you again for certain.

Jean St-Amand

I have to tell you how happy I am to have found your service! You've made my business just that much better!

Wilma Weisz

Je conseille à tous de travailler avec HTMLCut. Rapide, techniquement parfait, et très réactif à toutes mes demandes. J’ai fait appel à eux plusieurs fois en juin 2009, la première fois pour une page de test, puis rassuré, pour plusieurs pages successives. Rien à redire, n’hésitez pas…

Olivier Caussin

You guys did a great job, it fits well on low resolutions and is accordingly to the design. Thanks!


Really great! The code is clear, transparent - I'd say elegant. And it's delivered on time. Thank you!

Greg Hammer, Australia

Wow, super fast service and everything looks great. I'll be using your service again!


PERFECT! If I have anything else come up I'll be sure to send it your way again.

Mark Schneider

Thank you for the fast delivery of xhtml + css to HTMLCut manage to understand all the specs I’ve given them. I am really thrilled over the work that HTMLCut delivered. I will use HTMLCut again!

Nils Pedersen

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