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20+ Benefits of PSD-to-HTML/CSS Conversion Services

Nowadays PSD to HTML services are very popular and are used extensively. But no one would ever exploit them if they were not able to give any benefits. So what do you get when you hire an external company to convert your designs (i.e., digital images in Adobe Photoshop *.psd, *.ai, etc. formats) into HTML/CSS code?

Who are the clients?

Before starting discussing benefits themselves it is reasonable to consider in brief who PSD-to-HTML companies' clients are.

Here are some of them:

  • Web design and web development companies, graphic design studios, creative agencies -- often they are regular clients and build a long-term cooperation;
  • Companies which need to develop a piece of custom software -- such customers usually need to convert graphic designs into templates for content management systems (Drupal, Joomla!, TYPO3), e-Commerce and shopping carts (osCommerce, X-Cart), corporate blogs (WordPress), and so on;
  • Independent graphic designers, web freelancers -- division of labor could be mutually beneficial in this case;
  • Bloggers, networkers, websites owners -- typically their orders are one-off.

Benefits of using PSD-to-HTML services are somewhat different for each of those groups.

Benefits for companies

For companies cost and organizational benefits are usually the most essential. They embrace:

  • Access to best-of-breed specialists and best practices -- design slicing and markup coding require specific skills and knowledge. It is especially true when it comes to W3C standards compliance, semantic coding, cross-browser compatibility, and other modern requirements to website markups;
  • Cost saving -- is achieved due to a number of reasons, including economies of scale that is typical for such highly tailored companies as PSD-to-HTML firms;
  • Better markup quality -- as a result of the above;
  • Time saving;
  • Total project turnaround improvement;
  • Easy and fast assistance in the periods of overload;
  • No need to rent additional office space;
  • Better customer satisfaction;
  • More efficiency and flexibility in core revenue-producing activities;
  • Better honed company's business focus.

Benefits for Web and design professionals

Needless to say that to know the basics of HTML or CSS and to have hands-on experience and to keep abreast of the latest tendencies is like apples and oranges. So, if HTML/CSS coding isn't your main focus in web design, then hiring a provider, you get rid of in-depth study of HTML/HTML5, markup debugging, finding and collecting CSS3 tricks and tutorials.

Therefore, our list of benefits is continued with:

  • No need to learn in detail HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / W3C standards / 508 Standards / WCAG / and so on, and so forth;
  • No need to bother how to solve different markup problems (for example, overcome peculiarities of IE, etc) -- that in itself can definitely save some nerves;
  • More time and energy for design, customer care, promotion, after all, for recreation;
  • More design orders completed;
  • As a result, an opportunity to gain more money -- not out of place in these uncertain times.

Benefits for Web individuals

  • Professional look and feel of your website or blog;
  • Speed optimized markup -- users and search engines prefer quick websites;
  • Cross-browser website -- nobody won't say it looks bad in their favorite browser;
  • W3C validity -- your website is WWW Consortium standards compliant, it is like a prestigious seal of approval;
  • Semantic coding -- it helps search engines to understand and rank your web pages better;
  • Authority -- HTML5/CSS3 templates and themes are trendy now.

Of course, the list is not completely comprehensive. But even in that form it evidently shows that there are enough weighty reasons to use PSD to HTML/CSS conversion companies.

May 29, 2009 (updated Feb 2013)

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Excellent, thank you very much for the speedy service. Much appreciated.


You offer a great service – saved me a fair bit of time not having to do the HTML cutting myself. I plan to use you again for certain.

Jean St-Amand

Really great! The code is clear, transparent - I'd say elegant. And it's delivered on time. Thank you!

Greg Hammer, Australia

Thank you! I just opened up the provided file and it looks great! Very impressed.

Justin Reves

It's my third order this month - two psd to xhtml/css conversions and now a WP theme. I'm definitely impressed. You guys rock!

Doug Green, USA

PERFECT! If I have anything else come up I'll be sure to send it your way again.

Mark Schneider

"I would like to say that I was particularly happy to work with you, and very positively surprised by the quality of your work and your reactivity. I will for sure work with you again in the future, and advice my contacts/network to work with you. Olivier, France

Olivier Caussin

Je conseille à tous de travailler avec HTMLCut. Rapide, techniquement parfait, et très réactif à toutes mes demandes. J’ai fait appel à eux plusieurs fois en juin 2009, la première fois pour une page de test, puis rassuré, pour plusieurs pages successives. Rien à redire, n’hésitez pas…

Olivier Caussin

Wow, super fast service and everything looks great. I'll be using your service again!


I think the work was excellent and we will be using you again for future projects. Thank you for rushing the project and working with our crazy deadline.

Benjamin Wilson

You guys did a great job, it fits well on low resolutions and is accordingly to the design. Thanks!


I have to tell you how happy I am to have found your service! You've made my business just that much better!

Wilma Weisz

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